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Sulfo-NHS-Acetate 100 mg


 Sulfosuccinimidyl Acetate (Sulfo-NHS-AcetateSulfo-NHS-Acetate modifier structure) CAS # 152305-87-8

Sulfo-NHS-Acetate acylating agent (Sulfosuccinimidyl Acetate) is water soluble. Sulfo-NHS-Acetate irreversibly reacts with and blocks primary amines, such as in lysine, at pH greater than 7 to yield the acylated form. Using Sulfo-NHS-Acetate prevents polymerization when performing protein crosslinking reactions. Other Sulfo-NHS-Acetate uses include polymerization prevention when conjugating hapten peptides to carrier proteins for immunogen production.

Click here for: Sulfo-NHS-Acetate Protocol & Product Information Sheet

Molecular Weight: 259.17

Spacer Length: 2.8

CAS Number: 152305-87-8

Alternative Names: 1-acetyloxy-2,5-dioxopyrrolidine-3-sulfonic acid; 3-Pyrrolidinesulfonic acid, 1-hydroxy-2,5-dioxo-; 3-Sulfosuccinimid-1-yl acetate; 3-Sulfosuccinimid-1-yl acetate; 1-acetyloxy-2,5-dioxopyrrolidine-3-sulfonic acid

Special bulk pricing is available on bulk quantities of Sulfo-NHS-Acetate for your large volume manufacturing application.

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